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One of the things that can make someone believe in something is through people’s personal experience. In order for you to trust the power of professional biking, we have decided to open up a space on our page that would allow everyone to interact.

The Forum section will firstly be for interaction between our readers. We believe that there will be times wherein we will fail to respond to you right away. This may be due to the flood of incoming messages, system glitch, or support unavailability.

Anyway, if your concern is urgent and you feel like there’s no response yet then you can post your problems in the forum section so that others could take a look at it.

The advantage of letting others know your concerns is that they could give you a piece of advice from their perspective.

These people will be able to give you real-life feedback about their experience. They can tell you their journey and how they managed to get through it. But most of all, they could give you the help that you need based on how they got through it.

Forum Guidelines

In order to make sure that this page stays professional and friendly, we have decided to put up some ground rules and we expect everyone to adhere to them. If ever we catch you doing something which is not to our liking or it does not exactly conform to our rules, we reserve the right to remove any post and replies posted.

First of all, we do not appreciate making fun of other people. Every one of us has our story to tell and it is not right for you to make jokes about what and who they are. People are here because they want to change, respect that at all cost.

Also, we’d appreciate it if you only engage in healthy discussions. We understand that there will be times where your opinions may clash especially if you experienced things but had a different approach with it.

You can lay out what you want to say but not to the extent that you’d use inappropriate words or invalidate someone else’s idea.

We call out to everyone who is willing to change for the better. Start your journey now and we hope that you start it with us. We will make sure to guide you in the right way.